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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Radio Equalizer Nothing of the Sort!

Once again Brian Maloney, the self appointed "Radio Equalizer," has opened his proverbial mouth and shown not only a complete lack of understanding of the radio business, but an inability to make and defend a rational argument.

The crux of his latest offering is that "Since Air America has someone famous helping them to raise money, they must be in 'dire financial straits' and about to go out of business."

Maloney makes statements regarding low ratings of a weekend show without disclosing how his own ratings were. To take a page from his book I ask "Does this mean that Maloney is little more than a failed broadcast hack with little else to do but throw stones at people he disagrees with ideolgically?"

The bottom line fair viewers, is that Maloney regularly makes assertions he has little if any factual basis for. Occasionally he is given a gift of a forwarded email from within the Air America enclave, and he has definately ascended to the level of "Chewing gum on the bottom of Michelle Malkin's shoe" but that's about it.

Coming soon we'll be posting more on the claims the "equalizer" makes about himself and the entities he seems to hate.

Stay tuned for this exclusive multi-part series.


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