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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Radio Legal Roundup

As reported last week, both SBS and Clear Channel are currently undergoing legal challenges.

In addition to the suit referenced Friday, SBS has settled most of a $3mm case brought to it by Amigo broadcasting regarding a morning show formerly in their employ. According to Amigo, SBS encouraged the show to breach their contract and jump over.

All of the settlement terms are not known, but reportedly SBS has agreed not to air the show in certain markets and to not use Amigo-developed promo items. They have not come to a conclusion regarding monetary damages, and that part of the case may still be determined by a judge.

In Miami, SBS has won a reveral of a $1.8mm judgment from 03 regarding a former employee.

In Washington DC, Clear Channel is contending with a $13mm libel suit against WWDC-FM (DC 101) morning man Eliot Segal. In this bizarre case, the (now former) manager of CC-owned Nissan Pavilion claims that Segal called him a "pu**y," a "spineless a**," "sucked donkey d**ks." and that he is "the best reason for a very late, late, late-term abortion."

In addition, after this very public feud commenced, the manager was terminated from his job. CC claims the termination was "simple downsizing" but Segal siezed on it and characterized it as something more.

It's unclear how Segal's action fits in with CC's "Zero Tolerance" policy in terms of on-air indecency, though as of today he's still on the air.

Where's Maloney on any of this? Does he not follow the radio business as closely as he would have you believe, or does he only post information regarding his "enemies" on the left?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Malkin reveals own journalistic dishonesty - any response from cohort Maloney?

Saturday, over at Michelle Malkin's blog, the pro-internment quasi-pundit whines about being asked whether her blog posts were in fact, you know, actually written by her:

During one of countless book-related radio interviews this week, a liberal radio host insultingly asked me whether I write my own column. His question was prompted by vicious anonymous bloggers who portray me as a greedy Asian whore/dupe/brainwashing victim who simply parrots what my white slavemasters program into my empty little head. These critics have stepped up attacks on my husband Jesse as a fanatical right-wing puppeteer orchestrating all I do and say
Malkin tries to hide behind racial terms, but the evidence does raise suspicion:
For example, on September 8th, the day she was on her way to speak at Berkeley, she posted four times, including one in-depth post about Eric Muller. She then posted a wrap-up of the talk and a review of her schedule at two am pacific time, before posting again at 9:30 the next morning.
More recently, on Friday night, Malkin posted this at 7:28 pm, updating it afterwards when it turned out her first source was probably mistaken. The same night, she gave a talk in Washington, D.C.

Knocked back on her heels by the revelation that, perhaps, every word and idea published on her blog might not be her own, Malkin decides to concede what she probably hopes is an innocuous point: that her husband has, in fact, done some of her blogging work for her.

On her husbands "assistance:"

He has done copy-editing on my three books, conducted background research, taken dictation, drafted language for business letters, reviewed contracts, mailed my thank-you notes, helped me with a handful of blog posts out of the estimated 3,000 I've written since June 2004, corrected the math in a few of the estimated 800 newspaper columns I've penned since November 1992, and provided me with emotional support and encouragement through good times and bad.

Wait, what?! He helped you with "a handful of blog posts?" What does that mean? Are all of them a handful? None? Some?

So maybe Malkin panicked at the suggestion of the truth...and thought that this "hat-tip" to her husband would put the whole thing to bed. But the revelation directly conflicts with an earlier declaration Malkin made:


From the e-mailbox:

Is that really you posting at ungodly hours of the night?

Actually, ungodly hours of the morning. Yup, it's me. No gold-plated interns here at Malkin Central. Just me and my keyboard and my incurable insomnia. does a blogger good.

So Malkin has claimed that, at different points, she both gets help on blog posts from her husband, and also that on the other end, it's just "me and me keyboard and my incurable insomnia."

Now the big question: where is the response from Maloney? At various times, Brian "I can't get any job in radio, local or national," has bragged about being both an investigative partner with Malkin and guest blogger on her site.

Seeing as how Malkin is Maloney's closest connection to anything even resembling national media exposure, wouldn't one expect a comment on or acknowledgement of such a big contradiction propagated by his "media mommy?"

We're waiting Brian.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Radio News Roundup

Many Radio Lawsuits Settled Before the Holiday
Radio One, SBS, Salem, and Maloney’s favorite Air America all settled lawsuits this week. Radio One and SBS (the former being focused on serving urban formats, the latter on Hispanic) had both been hit with investor class action suits regarding their IPOs. It seems that the underwriters neglected to state how they were compensated in those deals.

Salem, who operates primarily Christian stations, settled a suit brought on by plumbers’ unions.

To be frank, dear readers, I’m not a stock market whiz so I’m forced to summarize: Apparently the unions filed suit regarding a stock offering last April where (according to them) Salem overstated its value. The suit is for $5mm. (If this were say, Air America, I daresay the “equalizer” would be on a tirade about how Al Franken stole pension money from plumbers in an Enron-style financial scam.)

Conservative powerhouse (and Limbaugh parent) Clear Channel is heading back to court to fight a JamSports case with alleged anti-competitive behavior and even anti-trust implications. In a previous trial, a judge awarded JamSports $90mm in damages.

At the heart of the case are internal Clear Channel emails that allegedly suggest using its radio clout to badmouth JamSports and its events. Also included was an email from Clear Channel CFO Randall Mays to the effect that they should “kill, maim and destroy” their competition. This comes on the heels of multiple high-profile terminations of CC station program directors following NY attorney general Eliot Spitzer’s payola probe.

Air America’s case involved a dispute with Multicultural Broadcasting who allege that AAR didn’t pay airtime lease payments in 2004. Multicultural quickly took AAR’s programming off the air. In the time since, AAR has completely revamped its management team and sought to make amends for this and other mismanagement in its early days.

Yes folks – it’s true. Despite the skewed perspective certain other blogs might give, lawsuits are fairly common in radio… even with conservative and Christian companies. In fact, they’re common in business in general.

O’Reilly Backlash Continues (Sort of)
San Francisco has introduced legislation to formally request Bill O’Reilly’s termination from both Westwood One and FNN. While it’s not likely such a request would hold much weight, it does stand a chance of drumming up additional publicity for Bill.

Obviously San Francisco doesn’t have the most media savvy city management in the US, but they’re part of this country (and uh, human beings) and a difference of opinion is not a good reason to call on our enemies to attack and kill them.

Republicans Drop Ball - Cede FCC Majority to Democrats
In DC, it appears the Republican controlled white house has seriously bungled their FCC appointments. With commissioner Kathryn Abernathy’s departure on 12/9, it will leave the FCC with a 2-1 Democratic majority. For those not familiar with the FCC, the party in control of the presidency is supposed to have a 3-2 majority on the commission, but the Republicans have been slow to nominate a replacement for Chairman Michael Powell who left in mid-March, and with Abernathy leaving, they will spend at least some time with only one commissioner in office.

Worth noting: the FCC is one of the only government organizations to have done their jobs in through the recent hurricanes. They have been praised by citizens, broadcasters, and the government for their quick decisive actions in the wake of Rita and Katrina. Whatever you think about their stance on broadcast decency or other issues before it, they are clearly there when it counts.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

O'Reilly kicked off the air in Denver - "Equalizer" strangely silent

The Denver Post is reporting that O'Reilly's Rocky Mountain affiliate KHOW has "dumped" Bill's low-rated daily diatribe following his solid defeat by Air America hosts Randi Rhodes and Al Franken.

This latest move comes on the heels of another large market station showing Bill the door - WJFK in Washington DC.

The Post is quite explicit on the reasons for the change:

On Monday, KHOW 630-AM pulled the plug on "The Radio Factor With Bill O'Reilly" because of poor ratings.
His nemesis, Al Franken, had better ratings on Boulder's Air America affiliate, KKZN 760-AM - a station that has spotty reception in parts of the metro area.

Apparently, more people would rather contend with a spotty signal than listen to O'Reilly's rants.

The real story here though, is that the "Radio Equalizer" doesn't appear to find this turn of events newsworthy. Like Air America's ratings successes in key markets like Portland, Miami, and even in traditionally conservative Cincinnati, this bit of info seems to have gotten past Maloney.

Doesn't this blatant bias and disregard for the truth reflect poorly on Maloney? Wouldn't posting current information make more sense than continually rehashing the same 6 month old story about what AAR's previous management did in 2004? Wouldn't a "real" journalist's commitment to the truth outweigh a personal vendetta?

Or - could it be that station management was one of the few who read Maloney's piece on Bill O'Reilly, and took the action it seemed to suggest. As previously reported on the Neutralizer, Maloney makes an excellent argument for pulling Bill off the air.

Check out the Post's article here:

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Radio Equalizer Nothing of the Sort!

Once again Brian Maloney, the self appointed "Radio Equalizer," has opened his proverbial mouth and shown not only a complete lack of understanding of the radio business, but an inability to make and defend a rational argument.

The crux of his latest offering is that "Since Air America has someone famous helping them to raise money, they must be in 'dire financial straits' and about to go out of business."

Maloney makes statements regarding low ratings of a weekend show without disclosing how his own ratings were. To take a page from his book I ask "Does this mean that Maloney is little more than a failed broadcast hack with little else to do but throw stones at people he disagrees with ideolgically?"

The bottom line fair viewers, is that Maloney regularly makes assertions he has little if any factual basis for. Occasionally he is given a gift of a forwarded email from within the Air America enclave, and he has definately ascended to the level of "Chewing gum on the bottom of Michelle Malkin's shoe" but that's about it.

Coming soon we'll be posting more on the claims the "equalizer" makes about himself and the entities he seems to hate.

Stay tuned for this exclusive multi-part series.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Maloney Outsmarts Himself!

Yes, you read that correctly. Maloney finally came out the victor in a battle of wits with... himself. It remains unclear how this will be noted on his won/lost record, but the lack of clarity is at least consistent with his thinking.

I'm referring, of course, to his piece on Bugs Bunny on 11/13. He makes the remarkably specious argument that O'Reilly's comments were not over the top compared to Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 50's.

Now - it is admittedly difficult to find fault with the argument itself, (aside from the complete lack of relevance) - Warner Brothers and Disney both published cartoons that today's audience would find outrageous by modern standards. ("Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs" comes to mind - read all about it here:

It's an undisputable fact that compared to cartoons 50 years ago, O'Reilly's remarks don't seem quite as biting - and Brian does make an apt comparison: Bill is in the same league of "beyond the pale" as outrageously racist and intolerant children's programming from the height of the cold war.

Now let's take this line of thought to the logical conclusion: No network would be caught dead with racist and intolerant cartoons from the 50's. Audiences would condemn them as "relics from the past" and generally regard them as the utter cultural waste that they are.

O'Reilly definitely belongs with Coal Black. Take him off the air.

Thanks so much Brian for putting it in perspective, however unintentionally.